A small sanctuary

When creating rooms in your garden, adding a small place for reflective thought or prayer will transform your space into, well, a transformative place (duh).

Church or worship is not always in a building down the street or across town. Our gardens, too, can bring us closer to whatever you see as the higher power or influence in your life. After all, who hasn’t stared at a beautiful garden and said, “Oh my God!”

Sanctuary space in the Pacific Northwest can be created with several things to keep in mind.

  1. Keep the color simple. While a rainbow of hues can lift our spirits, a sanctuary space is reflective, and the idea is less distraction not more.
  2. A great color hue could be green, purple/blue and white.
  3. A plant combination I love in a sanctuary … Easter lilies (a perennial bulb which doesn’t bloom at Easter), Ajuga and ivy.
  4. Get a sturdy bench. If it rocks, that will be a major distraction.
  5. Have a focal point – something to meditate on to focus your mind – but limit it – this isn’t a Disneyland ride.

Want more inspiration? Check out the Grotto in Portland, here (click)

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