How cool are rain curtains? Very!

Pictured: Rain curtain from

In the category of “you want it” not “need it,” I am especially fond of the rain curtain for its design effects of incorporating water into the garden that both does not present a drowning hazard, as well as does look stunning in front of, within and from behind.

Imagine peering across your garden to see a cascade of rain flowing onto a collection of smooth colored or black rocks with a fire feature seen dancing through the mist of the water from behind.  Cool!

Rain Curtains are exactly what they sound like – devices that send a curtain of water down to the ground, often in a pergola-like shape.  They are comprised of a structure made from a variety of options such as metal, wood or concrete, with the plumbing running up the supports, sending the water down to a catch basin that is covered with gravel or rock.  Done right, they can blend seamlessly with a bedding of plants, or flow into a pool of some sort.

Here are reasons to consider a rain curtain:

• They look luxurious.

• They’ll support a dense planting of green foliage, such as a woodland or tropical setting.

• They increase the volume of a water feature.

• They look great as a standalone, or worked into a pool or terrace design.

• They can be built to match other hardscapes in the garden, everything from metals to polished concrete to wood.

• They can be a DIY project, or for those with a big garden budget, can be customed designed to bend, twist and more.

A crafted rain curtain, roughly six to seven feet tall and five feet wide will set you back $8,000 to $10,000.  That is a system that will not only work correctly, it will be constructed with quality materials to your specifications.  If you want to do it yourself, you can expect to pay $250 to $500 if planning to use wood.  Heavier materials will be a lot more to resource.

Looking for a website to show you what to do?  Click here:

Finally, for super extensive projects for clients with deep pockets, hiring an artist or large firm to subcontract the installation increases the wow factor by 100.  Examples of suppliers are at

Environmentally, rain curtains are great for giving birds and wildlife a safe place to drink and bathe. 

As for durability, the plumbing is protected inside the structure, and if designed right, will be easy to get out for repairs.  The catch basin and pump are easy to also maintain, so compared to a large pond, this water feature has a lot less maintain.  The important part is making sure the water doesn’t overly splash out so that you don’t have to constantly refill the tank.

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