It’s easy being green

When you start with a garden that is 50% to 75% green, you can’t go wrong. Fine Gradening magazine said it best: “Think of designing with only shades of green as the gardening world’s version of taking only black-and-white photographs. Without the benefit of an assortment of colors, a scene’s textures, shapes, and shades take control, revealing things that color might distract you from seeing.”

Green, after all, is your best bet to keep your garden interesting and vibrant all 12 months of the year. And, if you play with the different shades, textures and shapes, you can literally design something stunning even in the bleakest of Pacific Northwest winters.

But there is something more important at stake when talking about color. Holistic experts will tell you that green is a way to slow down our metabolism – chill us out. It is why a well designed outdoor space can restore and rejuvenate us from an increasingly complex and noisy world outside our property.

Splashes of colors are awesome, too … but when you color your world predominately with green, you are already miles ahead in reducing stress, and creating a haven that supports your well being. From there, experiment with the other color combinations. To get started, check out this great color therapy site to see how what you see can influence your health. Click here.

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