Hire a garden coach

Here are three good reasons to consider hiring a garden coach.

  1. Trial and error is expensive. While you plan to make gardening your lifelong hobby, why not get off on the right foot and save money by laying out your design the affordable way with someone that can you pick plants tuned to your land. This will cut down on losing expensive plants because they aren’t right for your regular and micro climates, soil type, and other critical conditions. A garden coach also helps you do the cost-saving work by offering tips and suggestions to stretch your budget – everything from where to find deals on plants and hardscape materials to avoiding the mistakes that cost you money done the line.
  2. Design is important. How you choose and arrange plants, hardscapes and other focal points affect your mood, health and enjoyment of the garden. There is an art to landscape design, and while you plan to learn about that over time, you can get your garden started with a rock solid plan that will bring you instant enjoyment.
  3. Peace of mind. One of the big reasons people don’t garden more is because they are overwhelmed by the process. They are insecure, worried they don’t know how to properly prepare soil, or that they’ll create a high maintenance monster. Garden coaches are a resource – a bundle of information. They’ll keep you on the right track, offering only the information you need, leaving you all of the BEST parts and enjoyment of a wonderful hobby.

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