Hellebores in the Puget Sound garden

Hellebores are perfect for the Puget Sound area, bringing splashes of color into our gardens starting around Christmas, and literally hanging on for many months after that – then finishing off the growing season as an interesting texture plant in the garden bed.

We don’t need to go into great detail about hellebores – just check this out.

However, for the Puget Sound garden, there are some worthy points.

  1. As stated, hellebores survive the worst our Zone 8b climates can throw at them.  Hellebores are hardy, but also a primary way to bring in color all winter and into spring, in mostly pink variations but also black (or looks like black), white, green, red, purple, amber and yellow. They can also be speckled or doubles.
  2. Famous plantsman Dan Hinkley lives here, and his hellebore hybrids are amazing .. check them out. You can handpick them from his nursery … with all of the amazing varieties. See below for two we recently planted.
  3. Hellebores foliage looks great if creating a tropical-looking garden here in the NW.

Have fun with them.  They expand nicely and can be divided for more plants to cover your bare winter ground.

Dan Hinkley Hellebores.

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