The Metaphysical garden

Organizing plants and hardscape into pleasing combinations with strong structure and intrigue is vitally important in garden design, however, don’t lose sight of what a garden can do for your mind, body and soul.

Metaphysical considerations that boost your immune system, mental health, and connection to universal spirit can be had in a well-designed garden, too.  And if you think about it, what’s more important than that?

There are a number of ways to boost the ethereal in your garden space.

  1. Get rid of chemicals, duh.  This boosts the health of your garden, and for yourself, by strengthening the chi – the Force – the vitality of your space through strong plants, insects and other wildlife, microbes, minerals, oxygen and more.  When you step into your garden you should smell, see and feel the awesome power of the space.
  2. Formal and informal spaces help you stay mentally fit and inspired by creating the surroundings you need in the moments you need them.  Formal for meditation and stress relief.  Informal for creativity and expansion.
  3. Paths, no matter how small, offer movement and tranquil reflection – a way to walk in nature.  If you can shut off your spinning mind and just be … meandering in your space feeling the energy around you, you’ll have created a peace you deserve.
  4. Focal points give us, well, a place to focus … and what those are should have a meaning and power.   Don’t rush these.  Yes, create a space for focal points, but only install them when you find the relics, images and grails that inspire you.
  5. Garden rooms are more than just novelties or ways to design in more than just one style … they are sacred spaces to do your life’s work.  Each room can offer a journey of spirit – places designed to meet the varied needs of your physical and spiritual self.  Places for gatherings with friends and family, but other places just for you or for intimate encounters.  Consider how you approach your spiritual journey – the teachings you follow – and then create your garden rooms to match.
  6. All of the senses should carry equal weight … not just sight.  We sense our world through the common five senses, plus our intuition and spirit … all of those need to connect with the natural world.  Just like a layered garden, you must layer yourself, too.  Design a symphony for your mind and body … and then watch the magic happen.

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