Great Bluestone for aggregate side by side … go “off color”

Most people would call aggregate patios grey. But take a closer look. Most likely there is a ton of brown and blue rock in there too – not to mention yellow, white and more. So when wanting to design with a complimentary rock, I love the Pennsylvania Bluestone “off color.” This is perfect for steps leading off an aggregate patio, for example.

The off color Bluestone has a more natural look – and it really picks up what else is happening in and around the aggregate patio. With all of the browns in the dirt, stems and more, I like a little brown in my Bluestone.

Some people also choose the off color for their patio. Take a look here for an example. I’d go for this look any time you want a little informality in the garden, as well as garden designs that are wooded.

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a popular hardscape for gardeners – especially the all blue rock. Pure Bluestone is popular for both formal and modern gardens.

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