Colors from borrowed space

Colors from borrowed space

Sometimes it makes sense to choose your backyard design colors based on the borrowed space. Borrowed space is that part of your garden that you don’t own … it is the property or views beyond your garden that increase the joy of your space but are not your property. They can be distant views of mountains and hills, farm land, waterfront, and much more.

In this Steilacoom garden we are putting together up from the Puget Sound, we chose the boulders and the pavers to match the day to day colors the homeowner sees from the distance … the blues, grays and purples of the islands and water. This provides a seemless transition from backyard to distant sea and shore.

The boulders are Beaver Lake and the stair treads are Quartz Blue from Morrison Gravel in Port Orchard, and the patio pavers are Granite Stone from Western Interlock.

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