*Pricing, of course, is always the most complicated process when clients and designers get together in the back yard. We have done our best to provide a basic blueprint for costs. Of course, these are general guidelines. We always provide a customized pricing plan before we get too far into the weeds.


General pricing … final pricing determined by site visit and introductory meeting.

Consultation: $75 an hour on Zoom. $100 an hour in-person. 

Coaching: 10 hours, by phone, Zoom or on-site, (minimum 2-hour increments if on-site and includes hands on support), $1,250.

Garden plan for contracting with us: $1,500.

Garden plan for another contractor: $3,500 to $5,500 (for sites under an acre). Custom pricing over 1 acre.

Full garden implementation (contracting): 20% of total cost under $50,000, 15% of total cost over $50,000. 

*Designed gardens typically cost $5 to $25 per square foot.


Landscape plans include Mood Board, Brief and concept sketch with two changes, followed by master plan with minor changes, city/county planning department requirements, and plant/material lists.  Everything designed for personal preference, local climate/plant hardiness, soil conditions, drainage/slope, and level of maintenance desired.

Contracting includes pre-approval of total budget with defined, signed agreements on any changes, full accounting of costs, and 100% adherence to the plan. 

All services require a 50% pre-pay with additional 25% at pre-determined midpoint with final invoicing after completion of project.

Travel fees could apply.

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